No Apologies

Posted by Andrew Netschay, in Blog, Psychology, Sep 11, 2011

As a Leader, your decisions, statements and actions shape your company’s future. Your words impact the company’s stock price and the livelihoods of its employees. The ripple effect of an email leaving your Smartphone may be quantified in the millions.

There is no room for hesitation in your actions. Opening the door to doubt weakens your position. It’s akin to a boxer with a ‘pawing jab’; a tentative punch that does not put his opponent on the defensive. On the contrary it empowers his opponent to fiercely counter the tentative strike.

I’ve always taught my students not to ‘apologize’ with their jabs. Lack of commitment in their attack would leave them open to a well timed overhand right and a potential knock out.

Some trainers call this punching with ‘bad intentions’ – I view it as punching with purpose. Every action must have a defined objective; which brings us back to your next email or team meeting.

Have you determined what you want to achieve? How will you assert your position and ‘empower your troops?’ Punch through their doubts and uncertainties with the assertiveness you possess and don’t apologize; it’s not befitting a Leader.

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