Follow Through

Posted by Andrew Netschay, in Blog, Leadership, Psychology, Aug 27, 2011

Whether you’re breaking boards in a dojo or making commitments to your board, follow through is critical. The job is not done until you’ve confirmed it’s been done.

You’ve read the report cover to cover, you’ve held the finished product in your hand or your customer has thanked you for delivering a quality service on time (or ahead of schedule) and on budget.

These are all examples of follow through. Many leaders make the false assumption that simply directing their teams to deliver means they have. Risky move.

Any martial arts instructor, boxing coach or MMA trainer who understands how to achieve maximum impact, teaches his students to follow through the target. When a young Mike Tyson was quoted as saying he visualized punching his opponent’s nose bone through his brain; that was his way of explaining follow through. This may appear barbaric to some, but it effectively illustrates how effectiveness is not about ‘playing tag’, it’s all about following through.

Starting out in sales, most reps are instructed to follow-up. As a leader you follow through. Don’t just instruct your team to get the job done. Know that it’s done. That’s how you build consistency and a solid track record. That’s how you lead.


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