Walking Your Talk

Posted by Andrew Netschay, in Integrity, Leadership, Psychology, Mar 17, 2012

Having integrity means your actions support your words. In effect, your actions actually speak louder than your words.

If being an effective leader is important to you, then stop talking and start doing – more people will notice, and follow.

You don’t ‘kind of’ have integrity. It’s a binary condition – you either have it or you don’t. By definition, you can’t fake it either.

If you have integrity, then to a great degree you’re also predictable. This is a good thing as integrity breeds consistency. No one likes surprises in business. Most surprises these days are bad news.

Relationships built on trust support a mutual reciprocity not impeded by the objections and suspicions of typical associations.

By having integrity and being consistent you become trustworthy. Being trusted is invaluable as it enables you to build strong lasting relationships with your partners, team, clients and shareholders.

Who has the time (or desire) to work with anyone else?