Are You Challenged or Threatened?

Posted by Andrew Netschay, in Blog, Confrontation, Leadership, Psychology, May 09, 2011

As a Leader, one of your critical skill sets is the ability to make a decision. Many managers fall into the analysis/paralysis trap and wallow in a state of indecision as they continually weigh multiple options until the time to act has passed and they are then forced to make a decision.

If this decision making style sounds familiar, then you know this approach to decision making is characterized by a reactive mind set. I’ve found myself stuck many times, unable to swiftly move past analysis to execution. The one question that always gets me ‘unstuck’ is asking myself “are you challenged or threatened?”

As soon as I realize that I’m presenting a situation to myself as something to be feared, that awareness enables me to switch mental gears and reframe the circumstances as a challenge.

Perceiving events as challenges enables you to act with confidence as opposed to reacting out of fear which rarely drives positive results. Facing challenges makes you a Leader.

How do You decide?

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